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How To Start Setting Goals You and Your Family Will Actually Accomplish


Guess what I learned the last ten years of raising a family?  Success doesn’t happen on it’s own.  Once we got out of that euphoric baby bubble where everything was held together by bursting hearts and bath time lotion, I quickly realized that my family was evolving into INDIVIDUALS, who had quite the scope of strengths and weaknesses, ideas, likes, and dislikes.  My husband and I also began evolving into adults, who had children to raise, and big, mature decisions to make.  Our selfish ways needed to take a better shape in order to establish and sustain lasting family success.


It wasn’t a cake walk.  We began recognizing that we struggled with feeling fulfilled as we were being torn in different directions and unable to make any real progress in any one good direction!  Our decisions were not aligned, and we weren’t attentive to each others goals. We were still trying to operate as individuals, and not as a family.  The direction of our endeavors was strained and we needed to regroup and build a solid foundation that would lead us towards the life we wanted. 


“In order to give life and success to your family, you must consider every individuals life and what success looks like to them.”


At the new year time for the past few years we have sat down and reviewed our year together.  These conversations are so good to have because they really lead to what matters to each person in your family along with your family as a whole.  Without having these types of conversations you cannot expect to gain ground on your goals together.  


Get the conversation started.  Begin listening and thinking about what matters to one another. Here’s how to start!


(Note… these questions should be given to each person in your family.  It could be done around the supper table, on a family night, in the car, however it works!  Make it fun and enjoyable for everyone!  I do ours in interview form and try to catch people when they’re in a good mood ;  )  If your family enjoys it, have them make it their own and write it out themselves.  If they don’t, write it down for yourself,  it will still help you gain knowledge of your family and help you give life to them and their dreams.  As the care taker of your loved ones you must lead them and set the tone for success!)


S T E P   O N E – 

Review the past year.  

Go through the four seasons to help refresh your brain or look back in your journal and take note of the highs and lows.



S T EP   T W O –

Choose and write down the best thing from the year.  

What went really well?  What gave the most joy, thrill, or energy?


S T E P    T H R E E –

Choose and write down the thing that needs work.

What mistake kept being made.  What kept on popping up and causing trouble?  


S T EP   F O U R –

Choose and write down a thread.

A thread is something that has sparked an interest… something to learn more about or get better at.


S T E P   F I V E –

Take a minute to reflect on the answers to these questions.

Write down a specific and measurable goal based on them.  This means when you think of a goal for instance…  more time with my husband, more experiences with the kids, managing our finances better, or keeping the house cleaner…   Don’t stop there.  You need to ask yourself “H O W.”  How will you make that happen.  What can you do this month to start working towards that goal?  What plans can be made?  Make it something that you can actually check off the list in the next month and rewrite a new goal after it’s complete.  This is the part where everyone stays too broad and looses ground.  You must be able to set a short term achievable goal that will move you closer to the bigger goal at large.  Get good at this step, and you will see the momentum build!  Promise.  


If you enjoyed these starter steps and would like more help with supporting your family, consider my 7 steps to family goal setting!  It’s a 7 day challenge to dig a bit deeper into your families dreams and establish a strong foundation for your future with them.  Subscribe to my email list in the sidebar and get started!! The next step goes out tomorrow!!!


live for the most


xx kasey


The Art Of Old Fashioned Cocoa

Growing up in a small town had it’s sweet advantages… When I was a teenager working at the local dairy queen, the owner, who was also our town mayor of course, hosted a Christmas party for all of us employees.  The mayor and his wife were the kindest of people who took good care of their little crew and our community.  Carol, the mayors wife, made what she likely thought was just her normal specialty, but it was my first taste of real cocoa and the start of a beautiful thing.  I probably drank about 5 cups before I asked her for the recipe!  I’ve been mixing that magic every season since!  

Funny how your senses can bring back those beloved memories from long ago.  I’ll always cherish Bob and Carol for taking the time to honor the season with us and for giving the time and attention to us that they did.  I know they may never know that something so simple has left me with something so special.  I make that cocoa recipe for my kids each year and they too recognize it’s richness.  There’s just something about the art of slowing down and stirring a cup of old fashioned cocoa that warms the soul.

We usually kick off the season sipping hot cocoa by the fire and reading our favorite Christmas stories and then we savor it again on Christmas morning.  It’s become our tradition and a special treat we love to share!  We hope you give it a try this season.  

Old Fashioned Cocoa

sugar – 1/2 c

cocoa – 1/3 c

milk -4 1/2 c

vanilla – 1/2 tsp