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Bunks + Blue Part II … The Boys’ Room

The boys room has been such a challenge for me!  I can’t put my finger on why, but it just has been.  Not to mention every little detail that could wrong has.  Arghhh!  Haha.  It’s been a project that should have taken 1 month, but has somehow lasted 6!  There are still a few tweaks I will be working on fixing… However, I’m persevering and getting through it.  It’s finally coming together and it feels good.  When you stay diligent and keep yourself accountable on projects gosh it’s so worth it.  

The boys are enjoying being in this space more than ever and I feel that it’s just one step closer for me creatively as well.  It really epitomizes them and fosters their strengths and interests so I’m happy with this inspiring new atmosphere we all have.  I was also able to keep it very neutral in hopes that it will be versatile to adjustments as they grow! Yay.  

Here’s a look at the new update…  Hope this gets your creative juices flowing with some ideas you can adapt in your own space somehow! – xx, kc 





A Tip That Minds Mealtime

Our son has had a lot of health issues and sickness since he was young and we’ve battled back and forth with it being contributed to his diet.  Since nutrition and wellness is such an overwhelming topic to face we’ve tried to pace ourselves and cast a vision of better overall health and more mindfulness as we journey along.  We feel that the slow and healthy changes result in longer lasting lifestyle changes for our family as a whole.  We are also learning together as we go along.  

I wanted to share the one biggest and best thing I’ve done this year that has made an impact on how we look at the food we eat.  It’s something that I thought of doing actually in hopes of organizing my pantry better but it has had multiple benefits!  

I have organized our food in order of the food pyramid.  It’s a simple thing to think about honestly, but it helps clearly visualize what your eating (or not eating).  I just googled the pyramid one day to see the accurate serving amounts we should take in and I make it a goal to achieve those and let that guide our meals.  

I place the fats/oils/spices/condiments at the top of the fridge or cabinet, then the dairy and proteins, fruits, veggies, and grains on down in that order.  With everything in it’s place it’s very clear to see what I’m buying the most and the least of as well as what we are consuming.  It is a simple trick that has developed our habits for the better!  When at the store it helps me also to stay on the outer edge for most purchases because that is where the freshest food is located.  As you linger to the isles you start collecting things that you shouldn’t be 😉  

We also try to only drink water at home and not keep any other drinks on hand.  We get enough opportunity to buy drinks out and about so that helps us with our water intake.  We do buy milk for cereals and such as well as orange juice for breakfast.  

This has just been an easy way to keep us focused and assess our progress and/or failures in order to make improvements as needed.  

Hope it’s helpful to you as well!  

kc – xx

Citronella Summer… Keep The Bugs Away From Your Backyard

Summer is on us and the bugs are breaking out!  It’s all fun and games when you’re catching fireflies in your mason jar, but what about those pesky mosquitos that won’t let you enjoy your play?  Well I’ve learned to invest in insect repellent.  It makes those summer night’s in the backyard so much better!

This month I’ve been focusing on the backyard and making it more get together friendly.  My goal is to have twinkly lights and a fire pit area with picnic tables and a grill ready guy;)  Surely I can make most of those things happen right?  I want it to be super easy and low maintenance so I can focus more on the gathering than the preparation of it.

I’ve been trying to decide on easy perennials and a great spot for a vegetable and flower garden as well.  Gosh it’s so easy to dream about landscaping and yard ideas, but it’s much harder to follow through on those dreams.  It takes a lot of work to care for outdoor property.  So whether you have lots of land or a small little spot, keep it simple and remember what will make those outdoor moments matter.

I love these citronella candles and other pest free essentials from Terrain.  They get the job done while also looking nice and weathering the outdoors…

live for the most,

kc xx



5 Quotes That Keep You Caring

This weekend one of my sweet friends brought me over an aloe vera plant while I was away from home and when I returned there it was sitting on the back porch… nothing attached.  Just a plastic pot with gorgeous greenery growing from it.  You know what made it so special?  I had mentioned to her sometime in the past weeks how much I loved real aloe and how nice it’d be to have one of my own this summer.

It was love at first site.  I saw it sitting there as I pulled in and I’m sure my smile lit up the whole driveway.  The little things can sure matter and the ways we listen can open lots of doors.

It stopped me and made me slow down and ponder in a time I really needed it.  I had been getting distracted with lots of noise lately and it was a gentle reminder to me that sometimes all we need to do is listen.

This act of thoughtfulness made me reflect on much more than how thankful I was for the plant and the kindness, but it made me remember to stop and listen in my everyday interactions.  

When things get fuzzy with your self, or your kiddos, or you hubs, and in your home recognize that the moment deserves a listen.  Sometimes we get too busy talking out loud and we just need to calm down and listen.  We forget to let others talk too.  

It feels really nice to be heard, but try being the one lending the ear instead of the voice.  You’ll find many things work themselves out in those moments of stillness.

– here are 5 quotes that inspire caring –

Without a sense of caring there can be no sense of community.

– D’ Angelo


The capacity to care is what gives life it’s most deepest significance.

– Casals


Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.

– Covey


I like to listen, I have learned a great deal from listening carefully, most people never listen

– Hemingway


Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.  Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

–  Churchill 


Live for the Most,


How to own your day…3 things your work space needs to get with it!

My husband and I built our home a few years ago and we didn’t think about having our “own” spaces…  Neither of us necessarily work from home so it just didn’t cross our minds.  However, as we’ve learned through this season of our life…(wild ones running everywhere) it’s important to have a place of our own to collect your thoughts and realign our minds.  

I used to think that was our bedroom, but the bedroom for us, has become more of a relaxing space to unwind.  We decided we both thrive when we have a space of our own that winds us up.  That get’s us going.  That stirs our heart.  For us it’s about having a place to keep us focused on our purpose, our goals, and our perspective.  A place to inspire our days and build our motivation and momentum.

I’ve been working this month on curating our spaces to fit our needs and fill us up.  I’m sure we will continually make adjustments but we both agree that having these three things in front of us everyday remind us of why we do what we do and they keep us moving forward with focus.

  • a word, mission, and goals board

we choose a word for the year as a center and guide, a mission for our life (our why, how, and what), and goals for personal, family and others in our life. We post these where we can see them daily. 

  • a daily rhythm/schedule, calendar, or planner board

I like to have some type of outline in front of me at all times of what the plan looks like.  I geek out on this stuff and go overboard, Jared makes fun of me!  You can have all three of these or even just one, but remember… “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

  • inspiration board… books, quotes, photos, hobbies, & interests.

This is really any type of inspiration in the room to use or decorate with.  For me it’s my bible and scripture, great quotes, pics of family, my camera, and any educational, self help, or travel/style resources

For Jared it’s more like his bible, favorite books about finances, history, and geography.  His hunting and fishing gear.  Photos of his loved ones and famous quotes that intrigue and inspire him.  

With these things visible and available to you each day, it’s hard to not find motivation and a reason to push forward toward your dreams and calling.  Start taking ownership of your day by first taking ownership of your thoughts and surroundings.  Put together a creative space where you can draw near to what matters.  

live for the most, 



For the last year Jared and I have been focusing a lot on our finances and stewarding our money better.  It’s been on our hearts to be good managers of our money and not have any debt.  That being said I have had to learn to budget.  It’s been a long process and I’m still not great at it, but I’ve definitely come a long way from where I began.

One thing that I’ve learned through this process of managing our finances and household purchases it that it’s insane the amount of gifts we have to purchase!  It surprises me each month to sit down and look at how many gifts need purchased for various people and events.  

Please don’t read me wrong, I love to give gifts, I’m just making the point that there is a lot of gift giving for one to consider when managing a household’s responsibities.  With that comes a lot of decision making and I am a busy mom with tons of decisions to make daily so shopping around for various gifts and/or just the right gift within our budget was just something that kept wearing me out and leaving me frustrated.  

I recognized that it wasn’t a good use of my time and decided to eliminate the stress of gifting from my life during this busy season and just give cash.  It was extremely difficult for me to let go of wanting to be thoughtful and search for that perfect thing for someone because we all want to be caring and show someone we love them with a token of our affection.  Since doing this however, I’ve relieved added worry that was uneeded and no one has complained.  People, even kids love to receive cash!  I mean come on, who doesn’t have a wish list of things they want but need money for.  

This way I am still prioritizing gifts, giving people something valuable, and making it easy and useful for everyone involved.  

Another tip is to buy some blank cards in bulk so you can always have them handy to slip the money in and be ready to go!  It’s a much cheaper way to go too!  I tend to like it better even because it allows me to personalize each person’s occasion with a special message.

Who would have thought something this simple was worthy of a post?  Hope this idea was helpful in your homemaking journey!

PS… I don’t use this strategy with immediate family like my hubs and kiddos, we still do personalized gifts for one’s under our roof;)

Gathering Life + Love

Why do we anticipate special occasions so much?  Is it the part of planning all the pretty details, or tasting the delicious dishes, or the hand me down traditions.  I don’t think so.  Although that stuff is fun to look forward to,  I believe what makes occasions special is that we’re joining together life and love.  

People gathering face to face to spend quality time engaged with one another creates life and love.  When holidays approach we get reminded of all the memories past and we usually have that warm and fuzzy feeling.  It’s because that’s the magic of fellowship.

 What memories will be created this season of celebration when you gather?  Is there something special you can bring to the table?  Will you gather to love and celebrate life?

Live for the Most, 


“Hidden Art” In The Home

Lately I’ve been enjoying a great book called “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” by Edith Shaeffer.  It is a lovely book about how to be creative in your home and make the everyday “mundane” things beautiful and purposeful.

 It has inspired me greatly in an area I already knew was important.  It’s about the little things…  the details.  Her message is based on the idea that God created things to be beautiful and noticed for his glory, and how can we use this beauty in our homes to honor him.  

She gives such great inspiration for how to share this with those you live with along with those you welcome in.  She has definitely inspired me to slow down and pay attention to how I can enjoy the gifts God gives us.  

Bunks + Blue… The Boys’ Room

It seems every little boys dream is to have a bunk bed… of course they need to have something to climb and jump from indoors too right?  Our boys definitely do. 😉  For some reason it took me forever to get inspired with how to style their room.  Sometimes that happens.  I think I just needed time to watch them play and grow and hear them talk and take interests.  I wanted their room to represent who they are and to inspire their dreams.  It’s still not what I envision it being but it will continue to evolve as they do.  One thing I know is true, it will always have boys, bunks, and blue.

A Bit Of Irish Luck …

I’m so lucky to be part of an Irish brood and its fun to make the little things special for them… I’m preparing an Irish celebration for our family and making some traditional Irish food.  One of my favorite things is dessert, so I had to share this pistachio cake!  I don’t know for sure if pistachio cake is traditional, but it’s GREEN!!!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be holding a piece in my hand all day so nobody better pinch me!

Click here to find the recipe on my pinterest  ST PATRICKS board !