Day Designer GIVEAWAY!

Hope everyone’s weekend has treated them well!  I wanted to thank each of you for following along on my little journey and for entering the giveaway!  I loved hearing from you all in the comments!  Please keep in touch through that, it is a great way to communicate and I would like for you to please let me know if you ever want more information on certain things… I will always do my best to get back with you about any questions;)

I really want each of you to be able to take something away from this planner so I have included some ideas that were given… Do these in this order:)

  • list your biggest and wildest dreams without reservation (this is just for fun and research says if you write these down you will inevitably accomplish something listed… hehe;)

  • list your specific family, financial, career, spiritual, and personal goals, then go back and cross out until you get to your top three

  • list your values, then go back and cross out until you reach your top five

  • list your passions, then cross out until you reach your top five

  • list your strengths and skills, then cross out until you reach your top five

  • look back and see what are the commononalities listed

  • ponder on what is represented (your core)

  • plan for the year by dividing it up into 3 month sections… I do it by seasons, like winter is December, January, February… then I decide my top goals for that time frame within the categories of family, finance, career, spiritual, and personal…these should also align with your core and vision

  • take a deep breath, and start your journey


In the Day Designer this is kind of the outline, but it goes into more detail that helps you develop these ideas more!  It really is a wonderful planner, but if you need to wait to purchase one until next year then these steps will definitely help you get started on the right track- promise!

The winner of the Day Designer is ERICA PRICE! Congratulations Erica! I’m excited for you to have this:) I know you will put it to great use!!!


lots of love



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