Have you noticed that the Honest Company has a new line of cleaning products???  YES!!!  I have adored the Honest brand for a while, so when I saw their cleaning line I was so happy.  I know it’s so important to educate ourselves on more natural alternatives and cleaning products at home are a huge part of that.  I have the kiddos help clean every day so it seems even double important to me that were using safe products to protect their little health too!  You can read more on how we do chores here.

The Honest Company  is selling at Target but they have tons more on their site honest.com and you can even read up on healthy new ideas at their blog honestly.com…. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!  I would love to be able to order all my household items from them each month… wouldn’t that be a dream:) the one stop shop to get all green household products -like even toilet paper-  haha!


thanks for reading friends, and go try honest:)

xxoo, kc

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