The Wall Gallery I’ve Waited For…

imageimageI’ve literally had this on my list for like two years!  We have lived in our new home for that long and I’m just getting this accomplished;)  Sometimes I’m just not ready to do things until I’m inspired.  I kept trying to put it together but I just never was happy with it.  We recently had family photos taken and that was just the ticket… I saw them and knew it was time.

image imageI planned out what I needed to do to get it finished and realized it still wasn’t time???  There was a bit of  a process ahead of me.  I took it one step at time.

  • I sorted the photos that were my favorite and made a favorites file.  I also decided what looked best in black and white and what looked best in color… (you could also file this way too)
  • I ordered the prints online in standard sizes 8X10, 5X7, and 4X6 since this is what most stores offer in frame sizes.
  • I decided on frames and stuck with white and wood frames to stay neutral…(only choose 1-3 frame types to combine and lean towards basic colors and styles so you can add to your collection as it grows)
  • I put the photos in the frames and layed out the design before I hung them so I could see how it flowed together best.  (you can also find simple ideas on pinterest for how to design your wall gallery if you feel inadequate to eye ball it);)

image imageAs I completed this process I realized quickly a big reason I had waited was the COST!  Each step is pricey and that’s what always leads me astray.  I budget money each month for home improvement stuff and I always choose to spend it on other more instantly gratifying things rather than saving for a bigger project and purchase like this.  So that’s really my spill on “The Wall Gallery I Waited For” because it took me patience and delayed gratification to WAIT for this and save for a few months.  It has been a great investment in our home to have our memories displayed.  It brings that personal touch that makes a house a home.  I am sooooo glad I finally did it and my husband and kiddos love it too!


imageimage image

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  • Reply Jenn August 8, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    I love how it turned out. I remember you were working on this when we visited you last year. I need you to come to Oklahoma to help me decorate sisters room! PLEASE!!!

    • Reply KC O'BRIEN August 8, 2016 at 6:12 pm

      thanks Jennifer!!! It’s so nice to finally walk through and see sweet memories around us. I totally want to come to see you!!! Can’t wait! Take care of that little belly and see you soon!

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